You Can’t Just WISH Upon a Star, Cupcake! (A Common Misconception of the Law of Attraction) (A COMMON MISCONCEPTION WITH THE LAW OF ATTRACTION)

When I moved to Texas, I loudly proclaimed that I wished I was back home. Amn vbny old geezer told me, “Wish in one hand and spit in the other, dawlin, and tell me which hand fills up faster.” At the wise age of ten, I thought this idea totally disgusting, and the ancient man completely out of his mind. Why in heaven’s name would I spit in my hand? His point, of course, was that simply wishing for something was “nonsense.” We humans are neither Pinocchio nor Papa Geppetto. I find that this theory seems to lead to a common misconception with the Law of Attraction, as well. People tend to wish for something, and then they become angry or confused when the wish is not fulfilled. There is more to fulfilling a dream than a simple wish. You actually do have to spit, and then rub your hands together.


Now, do not get me wrong. Wishing is great. It makes us feel alive, motivated, and energized. It makes us feel like we can do anything, which is actually one job for our brain’s amygdala. The more energized we feel, the more the amygdala motivates us and sends messages to our frontal lobe to help us solve problems so we can achieve our goals.  This is one part of the Law of Attraction that many people are familiar with: “you have to feel like you have had it before,” or “you have to feel like you already have it now,” or “you have to be grateful for already receiving what you have asked for.” This is one hand, and it feels great once you can get your brain in this mindset. This is only the beginning.

You do not need to spit in the other hand, unless you absolutely want to. The metaphor, or what the spit represents—the action you take—provides the magic to fulfill the dream. 🙂 You have to put yourself into action to make your dream a reality.



  1. Declare your dream or wish as specifically as possible. Think of this as going to McDonald’s. You would not ask for a Big Mac, then ask the cashier, “Is that OK, or should I order a different burger? Click To Tweet I have written about this before, but it bears repeating.  Figure out exactly what you want.  Do not ask, “Should I order more? Should I order less? Do you think I should get a shake with that? What flavor?” The manager will politely escort you out the door. One more time, for the cheap seats: figure out exactly what you want.


  1. Ask yourself this one question: What can I do to make this possible? Christie Marie Sheldon asks her clients, “What would it take to accomplish this?” Get some paper and a pen. Free write, or write in a web map; do whatever it is that you do when you get ideas going, but write down every and any idea that comes into your head. No idea is dumb or wrong. You can prioritize, arrange, or delete them later, but you first need to write down any possible ways to accomplish your goal. For instance, if you want a new car, what things would help you accomplish this? The MSRP of the car would probably be a good thing to know. Would you be paying cash for the car, or would you need to take out a loan? If you need more money to get the car, what could you do to obtain the extra income? Could the merchant come down on the price? Is there something extra on the car that you do not want? Keep asking. Manifestation Misconception Fixed! 


  1. The Law of Attraction works both ways. If you think that your ideas won’t work, or if you have the mindset that your goal is impossible, your brain will actually shut down on you, and creativity will slow or stop. This is why some people become confused or angry when they are not as successful as they would like, when in truth they are completely successful. If your thoughts are negative, you will achieve more reasons to be negative. Just remember the McDonald’s analogy. If you go in and ask the cashier what you want, or if you order and then tell her you are wrong but you have no idea how to change and fix your order, you will get a polite escort out the door. Without any food or drink.
As Henry Ford stated, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Click To Tweet


  1. Be patient. For some, manifesting a wish may come easily and quickly. It may be an easy wish (“I wish I’d pass that history test”), or they may have been unconsciously working on it for some time (they were learning history all along as they took notes and made flash cards). For others, the wish may take a while to manifest. Other things may need to take place before the wish comes true. Relax, work through the challenges, and enjoy the process of learning and successfully achieving the necessary steps. Look back at other things you have accomplished, feel the pride of success, and remind yourself that other projects took a while, as well.


  1. Find pleasure in smaller accomplishments, and reward yourself for these. We do 124,000 correct things each and every day. That is over 100,000 reasons to celebrate! Click To Tweet Look at your “to-do” list for accomplishing your goal. Did you cross something off? Rejoice! Every small step you accomplish builds a stronger foundation for your goal. You have the right to feel good about each successful endeavor, so smile!


THIS IS THE BIG SECRET. Believe that there is always a way, and keep going until you find it. Most successful people usually do something just a little different from what “everybody else” did to succeed, but the one thing they all have in common is that they kept trying until they found a way to succeed. Keep asking yourself, “What can I do to make this possible?” or “What would it take to make this a reality?” Relax, and let your brain come up with suggestions. It loves puzzles, and the amygdala will light up and motivate your frontal lobe to find answers to these questions. Then prioritize what the brain gives you, figure out your plan, then act on your plan until you get where you want to be. Go, cupcake!


You can’t just wish upon a star, my darling Cupcake: you have to build a ladder to climb, a bungee cord to catapult you, or even an eagle to fly you up to that star.



So, what do you do to organize your thoughts and plans after you decide upon your goal? How do you banish your doubts so you can continue? Feel free to share, as you may be helping others, so you are sending out a big karmic boomerang. As always, let me know how it’s going, and stay frosted!

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27 thoughts on “You Can’t Just WISH Upon a Star, Cupcake! (A Common Misconception of the Law of Attraction)

  1. You may have figured out that sometimes I have to literal rituals to make things sink in. You will be happy to know I washed the spit off my hands before typing!

    I have a little plaque, a lot of them actually, but one of them says “Even you intended to manifest money randomly today, you have to do something to pick it up. At least check the mailbox.”

    I love it when I find your posts. I can’t seem to sign up to read them so now I hunt you face book. Hope your dog is a happy one. ♥

    1. Trenna, 30 day post already? Man, I’m a slacker! I fixed my “follow” button, so follow me, chica! I’m so glad you did not shake someone’s hand after you filled it with your saliva, lol. And I want your little plaque; it is perfect! Have a cupcake kind of weekend, friend!

    1. Lara, you’re absolutely right; wishing is so much easier. Inspired action is so much better. 🙂 Thank you for commenting, and have a cupcake kind of week!

    1. Arianna, sometimes it helps to see it in writing. It makes the goal stronger, but it also relaxes your brain a little bit once it knows it doesn’t have to remember everything by heart. Good luck!

    1. Kristen, thank you, lol. I thought it was a nasty visual when the old man said to me, but he got his point across, so whatever works, right? Thank you for repeating my theme about action, and have a cupcake kind of week! 🙂

    1. Carol, that whole “one cupcake at a time” is hard sometimes, right? We want everything NOW, and nobody ever said anything about multiple steps or goals. Of course, this gives you opportunities to change the flavors and frosting along the way, as well. Great analogy; I might have to steal it from you. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, and have a cupcake kind of week!

  2. I know about the amygdala & can now put the wishing & dream piece into a better perspective. Honestly, I get bored with all the posts about ‘dream your dream’, but if it fires up the amygdala, then so be it. That obviously is a good step. Next must come action as you stated.
    My hubby watches quiz shows & it seems everyone who gets chosen can’t decide on own. they turn to a massive audience 7 ask- what should I pick- higher, lower- people don’t know their own mind. Loved this post. sorry for the mini rant.

    1. Roz, I understand your frustration with indecisive people. I used to feel that way when I watched “The Price is Right” with my grandparents. I think sometimes that this is more of a stall tactic, as people are afraid to move out of their comfort zone and do the wrong thing. I love what one of my first coaches ever said to me: “whatever decision you make at the beginning is the right decision. If you change your mind in the middle of a shot, you will always miss.” This can be applied in life, as well. Just make a decision and try it; you can always change after.

  3. I don’t know why I struggle so hard with this…I’m working so hard to find that silver lining but damned if those f’n clouds keep turning black on me and followed by another. ughhh Great post and I’m with you… I wish I weren’t in Texas too… but my man brought me down here… still trying to figure it all out.. the patience thing.. sucks.. two years later.. ugh. Hope to see you next week!

    1. Kristen, I had a friend for several years who swore I must have been “born under a black star.” Every time something awesome would happen in one part of my world, something else would come crashing down in another. I didn’t get the chance to ask, “What else?” before it was shown to me. Just think that you can ride year round down here, because it only ices over like twice a year, and the snow is never a factor. Ha! What else? You will save a ton of electricity in the winter, because you won’t really need to run the heater that much. Now, the alcohol bill, that’s a different story. :-). And hey, I get to see you next week! Cupcakes all around!

  4. There are lots of misconceptions about the Law of Attraction, so thanks for your great post on becoming clear about what it is you are dreaming of and then making sure to take the action to actually move the cosmic puzzle pieces into place. Wishing and dreaming is a powerful place to start. Being clear is the next. And taking some small step towards it, is the best way to make sure you are moving in the right direction. Or are moving at all.

    There are many different practices that people use, I love to just sit quietly and envision the people and the environment that matches my goal. I always act in an intuitive moment when it feels like the right time for me. I remember reading an amazing article many years ago now, that also talked about the Law of Karma and the Law of Transformation as necessary partners to the Law of Attraction. One without the others, might leave people feeling disappointed from lack of big picture understanding. Thanks for the great read, Liz. 🙂

    1. Beverley, there are so many Laws that compliment LOA, and people do not realize this. One that resonates with me is also the Law of Reciprocation, and as Bob Proctor points out, we can never “outgive the universe.” Thank you for sharing how you start movement on your goal; I love how you start in stillness and quiet, so that you can listen to your intuition. 🙂 Hopefully, your idea will inspire others, as well as my post! Have a cupcake kind of week!

  5. I definitely had to learn that just because I wanted something, planned it all out and then attempted to go for it, didn’t mean I would always “get there”. I used to beat myself up but now I know that if I truly have given something my best shot then that is just going to have to be the end of it and move on. I went through this at the end of last year when I decided it was time to let go of my business. I had no regrets then or now. As my mother would say, it was just one more chapter in my book of life. 🙂

    1. Beth, I still haven’t learned this lesson. I am stubborn and creative, and I always get caught in my “there is always a way” rabbit hole. I have to remind myself of WHY I wanted something, and that usually allows me to let go and do something else. Glad you have no regrets about your business. I think that’s a hard one for anybody. 🙂

  6. I love this one: Relax, and let your brain come up with suggestions. It works every time but my belief is the boost comes from God. Maybe with help from an angel.

    A friend recently told me that he never worries about being inspired about getting a job –or taking action. He just trusts that will happen–and voila!

    1. Sharon, I think sometimes the hardest part is relaxing, especially if we don’t have the answer immediately or the answer we think we want. It’s awesome that your friend has the relaxing down to an art! Thank you for sharing, and have a cupcake kind of week! 🙂

  7. Well, Liz, you are the second person to bring me this message today! Tomorrow morning I’m going to sit down in a quiet place with your blog post, a pad of paper and a pen. You are highly motivating, and I’ve been working on changing what I am attracting – Now’s the time!

    1. Cynthia, I’m glad you are taking time for yourself! Way to go, Cupcake! Now, stay on course so you won’t get three, four, or ten messages. Obviously, you need to do this. Have fun!

  8. So many people seem to get the law of attraction wrong. Positive thinking and setting the intention in our own minds is great, but it means nothing without action. Gratitude and positive thinking alone makes us happy fools. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just that we can be so much more if we combine our dreams with action and certainty of purpose. Great post Liz.

    1. Clive, I may borrow your line about what “makes us happy fools.” That’s a good one. Thanks for sharing, and have a cupcake kind of week! 🙂

  9. I’m a big believer in stating that you have something and it becoming a reality and I love that you coupled it with taking responsibility to take action.

    1. Ginny, I have wished upon many things that never came true because I didn’t follow my dreams. Lucky for me, I figured this phenomenon early, so now I have choices. Thanks for the supportive comment, and have a cupcake kind of week! 🙂

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