To: France and Loved Ones

I had another post prepared for today. Then ISIS attacked Paris, France. My blog seems so much smaller than normal. My words do not seem big enough, deep enough, or strong enough to ease the trauma that is becoming more of a constant happening along with terror.

There are no apologies from the people who took credit for the attacks.

There are no explanations other than “We told you this would happen,” and “This is only the beginning” from an army of well-funded extremists.

I have no words soothing enough to comfort the people who mourn the loss of mothers, fathers, family members, children, and friends as they go to a dark bed tonight and every night after this.

I can only say that I am sorry for people’s loss as my heart aches for their pain.

My heart aches because there are people in the world that think human life is expendable, human life is worthless, and that it is acceptable—even within their rights—to kill others. I have no answers as to why this is happening more and more. I do not know how to stop people from recruiting more young people who feel “lost.” I do not know why armed forces and expertly trained security cannot seem to stop them. I can offer no answers.

I can only offer my sadness, my condolences, my prayers, and my gratitude that damage was not worse. I can only offer my love in the face of darkness. Click To Tweet

I will not preach. I do not want to talk politics or blame. Something in our world is broken. What can we do to fix it? I can talk about forgiveness, but will that create the change we desperately need?

This is not an easy answer, for this is not a simple problem. While smarter people than I go into rooms and make deals and plans and try to solve this problem, I will offer a blog hug, as I have done before. I am calling on the Law of Reciprocation, and I have faith that we cannot out-love God (or the Universe, or Source). Simply hug me back, and keep it going! Spread love as far as you can, as much as you can Click To Tweet. 🙂

My heart aches, but it knows love. Stay safe, my Cupcake friends, and know that you are loved!


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21 thoughts on “To: France and Loved Ones

  1. Hey Liz, I missed you..good to know you are still writing these powerful messages 🙂

    You are doing your share with this situation…like you said, no easy solutions, no use blaming politics, history or other things…bad things happen, we just have to join hands and refuse to let hate and fear govern us..

    So many lost lifes, not just in france, but worldwide…who knows what will happen next, we have no other choice but to wait and see and to do good things, where bad stuff happens =/

    Sending hugs to the states 🙂

    1. Sabine! Where have you been?! I’ve missed your blogs! I wish we could do more, but I fear I would be more like s bull in a china cabinet–more clumsy than helping. Hugs back, my friend! Be safe!

  2. All we can do is send love and peace out into the world, Liz. If we truly believe that love trumps hate and fear, then the more of us who unite from a place of love and compassion, the better the chance that it will spread and permeate where it needs to go. Everywhere. Virtual hugs to hold us all. We are all connected and all affected. There are no easy solutions and no quick fixes. We are in a battle between cultural ideals and all we humans seem to have learned is how to wage war. I vote for waging peace. Much love and know we are spreading it as far and wide as we can…

    1. Thanks, Beverley. I agree that it seems much easier for people to wage war right now, but then I look at people like us, and Doctors without Borders, and other people that continue to make a difference in the world with love. I think it’s important for us to remind others that we can be a voice even if we stay home, as long as we share. Hug to you up north!

  3. I sent your hugs and your message. I feel humbled by your powerful words. I wish I were not driven to keep on going to get things done and can just sit still, let my emotions and thoughts out on paper. You, Vatsala and many others are doing it for me. Bless you.

    1. Thanks, Roz; I’m blessed to have created a post you can keep and share! 🙂 You can always write later; get things done so you can celebrate you as the rest of us do!

  4. We seem to be sailing in the same boat, Liz. I had another post ready to publish and then chose to write from the heart about terrorist attacks from our experience in India which has seen many serial bomb blasts since 2001 in major cities and how we cope with red alerts and high security on a routine basis.

    I’m keeping an eye on the television as I write because the raid is on at Saint-Denis right now which hopefully will bring some closure to the people directly affected by the attack. In the meantime, all we can do is pray for Parisians and citizens of the world.

  5. I agree with you that there are parts of the world is broken and fixing it…who knows what the best way is. Violence only breeds more violence, but these people who inflict harm don’t understand peace. Sending you a huge virtual hug full of warmth and support.

    1. Thank you for the hug, Gisele! I needed it today! I think the more we can spread good will, the more we can find ways to help. Keep it going, Cupcake! 🙂

  6. Beautiful words, Liz, and a beautiful approach – no finger pointing, no lecturing. Just acknowledging how horrific these actions were and that you will not allow them to snuff out the love and peace you offer the world. Thanks so much for sharing this post.

    1. Aw, Deb, you made me tear up. Thanks for reading my post exactly as I meant it. That really makes my heart swell. Thanks, Cupcake!

  7. “Something in our world is broken”. This is a truth that we, as mere citizens of this world are having to face more often and in more ways these days. You cannot change others, only yourself and I believe that the only way to show we will not be destroyed by others is to fight the fear within ourselves and stand united.

    1. Ian, I’m glad you are safe on your side of the pond, Cupcake~ 🙂 United is always better than divided, and so much stronger!

  8. Awesome post and so inspirational Liz, thank you 🙂 Yes I can totally understand how small we feel in the midst of such tragedy that we witnessed in Paris. All we can do is keep on showing love and never let that kind of “terror” affect the human spirit 🙂

    1. Joan, Thank you for the support! I hope that one day “terror” is a distant memory; unfortunately, it is a too-often occurrence today. It’s nice to know there are others who feel like I do!

  9. The world needs a lot of prayer. So many innocent people all over the world are losing their lives to senseless acts. I can understand that at times like this one, we want to do more. Prayers are powerful, we can pray for the victims and their families.

  10. My heart aches as well Liz… I do believe the energy of our world is beginning to shift, unfortunately not soon enough. I can only hope that this movement towards spirituality, compassion and living an abundant life through giving and caring grows in leaps and bounds by each of us doing what we can in our own circle of influence.

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