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What’s in Your Cupcake? (The Tao of Killing a Computer)


           So, today my computer world crashed. All of it. My iPad, my HP laptop, my Gateway desktop; they all went blue-screen berserk on me. I borrowed my husband’s computer for a few minutes; then he realized what I was doing and yanked it away from my murderous hands lest my poisonous fingers kill his livelihood along with my own. There’s no telling what went wrong: I have no idea, so please don’t ask. I came home from the tennis courts, worked out, then tried to do my graduate homework. All hell broke loose. The iPad went dark, as if its battery died, so I moved to my laptop. It froze, turned a brilliant shade of aqua blue, so I politely left it to sort itself out and I moved to the desktop. Continue reading What’s in Your Cupcake? (The Tao of Killing a Computer)

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