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Hey, Friend, Can you Help a Cupcake out?


Hello, my darling readers and friends. Do you have time to help a Cupcake out? I kind of need it.

First of all, let me say, Happy Chinese New Year! Yeah! The year of the Fire Monkey! I should be celebrating, since this means new beginnings, letting go of old things that no longer serve me, and wonderful life opportunities. Continue reading Hey, Friend, Can you Help a Cupcake out?

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Don’t be Such a Scaredy-Cat, Cupcake! (10 Ways To Help Your Mind Overcome Its Fear)

scaredycatI have a friend who volunteered to help the psychology department in their study of willful blindness. In one part of the experiment, she was given a seriously horrible picture (it was an extremely graphic murder scene that not even the horror movie writers could describe). The picture was hidden underneath twenty sheets of thin paper, like onion paper or tracing paper, and all she could see on the top was a gray shadow. She was to remove one sheet at a time, look at the shadow for 30 seconds, and if she could tell what the picture was, she was to tell the administrator and stop. If she could not identify the image in the picture, she was instructed to remove the next sheet of paper and study it for 30 seconds. This would continue until she could recognize what she was seeing. “I swear,” she told me, “the closer I got to the picture, the more blurry it became. I could not for the life of me figure it out.” She was almost to the actual photograph when she knew what they had given her. She said she actually screamed and dropped the assignment. It had taken her eighteen pages, because her brain had refused to see what it knew would upset her and possibly give her nightmares. So how do we avoid this willful blindness? How do we work with our brain so that it stops being such a scaredy-cat and helps motivate us toward our goals instead? Well, my friend, here’s a list of 10 ways you can overcome fear and be the successful cupcake kind of person that you deserve to be. Continue reading Don’t be Such a Scaredy-Cat, Cupcake! (10 Ways To Help Your Mind Overcome Its Fear)

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