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To: France and Loved Ones


I had another post prepared for today. Then ISIS attacked Paris, France. My blog seems so much smaller than normal. My words do not seem big enough, deep enough, or strong enough to ease the trauma that is becoming more of a constant happening along with terror. Continue reading To: France and Loved Ones

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You Deserve a Hug, Cupcake! (Applying Newton’s Third Law of Physics)



Last week I read a post from one of my former tennis players. She was upset about the riots and was expressing her opinion, which was rather hateful and insensitive. She is now in her late twenties, old enough to know her mind and speak for herself. I felt completely shock as I read her words, then I gave in to the pain of heartache and sadness as I acknowledged her (unconscious, I am sure) decision to help perpetuate the hatred that seems ridiculously easy to spread. There sure seems to be a huge amount of hatred on this Earth. Hate for people of different color, hate for people who practice different religions, hate for people from other countries, hate for people who eat their boogers in public (OK, I may be in that particular hate group, definitely icky); basically, if you look for them, you can pretty much find hate groups for everything now.  So, I’ve been thinking. Newton’s Third Law of Physics states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If it is so easy to spread hatred, can it be that easy to spread love? Continue reading You Deserve a Hug, Cupcake! (Applying Newton’s Third Law of Physics)

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