I Just Can’t Let You Go, Cupcake! (Sometimes, it IS OK to hold on to our past)

http://ownyourcupcake.com            All sorts of mental health experts tell us we need to let go of the past in order to move onto the future. I completely agree. Except, well, except for when I disagree, like right now. This time, I can’t let go, and I argue that sometimes it IS OK to hold on to our past.

I have this awesome pair of Asics Excel33 shoes. They are by far the best shoe I have ever purchased for my HIIT workouts, or my stretch classes, or any of my other workouts in general. I love them. They are the best shoes. Ever. There is only one problem: it is time for them to go. Experts say that for those of us who work out regularly, we need to replace our shoes (at the very least, the insoles) every 3 months, as the arch and ankle support usually break down by that time. I’ve had these shoes for 3 years. Sue me.



my beloved shoes

If you look closely at the picture, you can see my big toe emerging from both shoes. And it’s not like I don’t have other shoes to wear. If you go look in our workout room, I have seven pairs of tennis shoes, and nine pairs of running shoes. They are all different colors, and I wear them all at different times. I just don’t wear them when I work out.  And before you go thinking nasty thoughts about me; remember my blog where I explain some of my past, then call me spoiled. I am OK with that: I own my spoiled cupcakeness right along with the rest of myself. But that’s not the point. The point is that none of these other shoes—no, not one—feels as good as my Excels.

This drives my husband crazy. He can’t stand my toes peeping out of my shoes. He laughs, then says, “Can’t you wear something else? You look like a vagabond.” He even pulled my stunt of finding research to prove that shoes need to be replaced every 4-6 months (he didn’t have to, but hey, research serves as great support). He even offered to buy them for me. How could I resist?



tennis and running shoes

So, I tried. I swear. We went to my favorite running-shoe place, and we tried the new Excels (they are now up to #3, so I’m sure #4 will be coming out soon). I did not like the feel of them; my ankles rolled as I walked, which means I would be chancing a sprained ankle on my jumps or any quick change of direction. They went back on the shelf. We shopped for almost an hour before my husband called it quits, and I ended up with some shoes that were OK. They are great for running on even ground and they look awesome, but I still slide in them during harder workouts (even with thicker socks and a heel lock knot), so they are not perfect. Over the course of three months, we have purchased two pairs of Brooks shoes, two pair of Mizunos, and two pairs of Asics. They are now all part of my “running errands” wardrobe, and my feet look goooood. 🙂  I have shoes in every color of the rainbow, but nothing can replace my Asics Gel Excels.



Does this tread look bad to you?

So, while the experts say it is time to get rid of my beloved Asics, I insist that I must resist. My Excels still have tread on them, they still support me during every workout, and I simply love them more than all the others. I promise to keep looking for a new shoe to replace them, but until I find the next perfect shoe, I will stodgily hold on to these. Sometimes, Cupcake, it is OK to hold onto our past. Especially if it’s the only thing that keeps us moving in the right direction. Click To Tweet


So, what things have you held on to, even though you may have been told it is time to let go of them? How have you justified it?


As always, let me know how things are going, and stay frosted!

photo courtesy of www.regalkitchen.com
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25 thoughts on “I Just Can’t Let You Go, Cupcake! (Sometimes, it IS OK to hold on to our past)

    1. Trenn a, any time I can make you smile is a good day. 🙂 Haven’t seen you around lately, so I hope you have a cupcake kind of week!

  1. You are lucky that your husband is so nice and leaves your shoes where they are 😉
    My mother stole my most favorite shoes and trashed them while I was on vacations, just because the bottom started to get lose xD
    Now I am always checking if my favorite shirt is still there, because that’s the next item on her list ( wearing it since 7 years 😉 )
    Sometimes it is ok to hold onto stuff, never change a winning horse 😉
    Hope you will keep on enjoying your shoes and may they last for 3 more years 😉
    Hugs from Germany 🙂

    1. Sabine, I will tell my husband what a wonderful man he is. As he puts it, “I’m the one who has to look at them!” What a saint, lol. I would be just as happy if I could find another pair of perfect shoes! Ha! Better find another favorite shirt, as I am sure it is bound to disappear soon, with all your traveling, my friend. 🙂 Hugs back from the other side of the pond, southern style. 🙂

  2. I have a micky mouse soft toy, which I have owned since I was a child. He has been with me on many adventures when I was a little girl. He has also seen me through tough times as well as good times. I have been told that maybe I’m to old to have a teddy/soft toy! I can’t get rid of him. Besides he know’s too much about me he may tell someone 😉 really enjoyed the post. Thank you

    1. Gill, I have a teddy bear that is covered in tree sap and tar from me carrying around as a child. Yeah, better to keep your Mickey where you know he’s safe and he can’t give away your secrets, lol. Thanks for sharing, and have a cupcake kind of week!

    1. Gail, I’m so glad you say that! I just can’t let go of my precious books, either! There is just something about the physical feeling and smell of the paper that comforts me. I won’t even let my nephew borrow them (he can read at my house, but no way is he leaving with the book in his hand). Thank you for sharing, and have a cupcake kind of week! 🙂

  3. My practical side of me kicked in as soon as I saw where this was going.: Just order shoes thru Zappos & free ship back & forth, Contact customer service at Asics & ask for their help- replacement, REPAIR- go to a shoemaker to cover over the toe holes. Liz, you have probably thought of all of this, but I had to brainstorm. My ‘past’ problem is with color. It took me years to identify my absolute shade of mauve plum that I love & I managed to find a corduroy shirt & a turtleneck sweater. I was a very petite person back then. I still have them because I like to look at the color when I open my closet. I could offer them to my granddaughter, but I don’t want to lose them. I so understand attachment.

    1. Roslyn, thank you so very much for those suggestions, for they are wonderful. Yes, you are right; I have already done that. Zappos did not carry the original, Amazon keeps sending me emails with newer models, because my size is no longer available anywhere, and Asics is very sorry to report that they don’t have the shoe in my size, so maybe I should try Amazon? Ebay was a waste, as well. I was actually ok with changing colors; I just wanted this shoe again! I say, if you smile when you open your closet because the shirt makes you smile, then keep the shirt because it still has a purpose. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, and have a cupcake kind of week!

  4. Lol, great post Liz! Made me laugh…

    I have a pair of boots I have owned for over 12 years now. They look well worn and have been glued back together a few times, but they are just so comfortable.

    In my shoe rack I have a 1 year old pair of boots that were bought to replace the older ones, they have been worn twice!

    Sometimes you really cannot let things go! Cheers, Ian

    1. Ian, I’m so glad you “get it!” Ha! As long as your cobbler can keep repairing the boots, I say wear them to your heart’s content! Thank you for stopping by, and have a cupcake kind of week! 🙂

  5. I hear you, Liz. 🙂

    I’m one of those ‘clear that clutter’ people but I have my little favorite which needed to reach the stage of no repair before I bid it a fond adieu.

    This was a pair of Baby Pink Nike shoes which I loved to death and which was so comfortable that when I saw the soles coming undone, I got the cobbler to stick them together with his industrial strength glue. I held onto them even though I had another pair of Nike shoes in blue that my Mom gifted me after the cobbler told her that surely we could afford new shoes!

    It was only when the soles came out completely while walking my pet, that I let go and even then, the disposal was difficult.

    7 years for the shoes was a good innings and frankly speaking I should have thrown them away much earlier but there were fond memories and stories attached to that pair of shoes. Just thinking about my beloved shoes makes me smile. I’m human. 😉

    1. Vatsala, I’m so glad that you enjoyed your shoes to the very end! In today’s world, I don’t think we do this enough; we tend to dismiss things when we grow “tired” of them. I had a pair of boots one time that completely came undone at a holiday meal one year, and that’s when I knew they were finished. As for these shoes, well, they have served me well, and I am not finished with them yet. 🙂 I just won’t wear them when it rains. Thanks for commenting, and have a cupcake kind of week!

  6. Personally I have lots of “things”, whether they are pieces of clothing or elephants I’ve collected along the way, that still have a home with me, because they bring back wonderful memories. I love my minims shoes and although I keep buying new ones, I still love that original pair. The past that “experts” advise us to let go of, are often things that stop us from life, that drag us down and paralyze us from moving forward. Sometimes, we aren’t even aware of these things and once they show up, it is a good thing to reframe them, to learn to stand back objectively and see them for what they are, as opposed to getting caught up in the story we’ve created around the past. It is part of each of our life’s journey and as long as we are moving forward, the past is still there, it just isn’t in the present, creating the same future we are wanting to leave behind us. Enjoy your shoes! When it comes to comfort on the physical level…I’m all for it! 🙂

    1. Beverley, thanks! We are supposed to release old things, and I love the way you use the world “reframe,” as that is usually how I look at things. As far as I am concerned, these shoes have treated me well, and they still serve me. I am not finished with them yet. 🙂 However, I may have to find some warmer socks for the winter! Have a cupcake kind of weekend, my friend!

  7. Ah, yes, I have these types of shoes as well. I finally got rid of a pair of sandals last year only to terribly regret it. I have plantar fasciitis and the sandals were the only ones to help the pain. I regretted finally getting rid of them as they have stopped making the shoe and no others, that I’ve found, work as well. So I get it, Cupcake!

    1. Lori Ann, I feel your pain, literally! I hope you find some better-feeling shoes soon, then I suggest you find a shoe repair man so you never have to worry again! Thank you for stopping by, and have a cupcake kind of week! 🙂

  8. Too funny Liz – I am wearing a pair of New Balance running shoes that are a year old. I don’t feel so bad now!! So, yes, I agree – sometimes it’s okay to hold onto the past. Great post=>

    1. Deb, thanks! You know it’s bad when Amazon keeps sending me “new posts” on the Asics shoes, lol. One day, I’m sure, I will find the perfect pair. You and I might be kin to Cinderella! Thank you for stopping by and posting. Have a cupcake kind of week!

  9. This is a great blog and it made me smile!!! And thank you for sharing your story of your shoes! Things I hold on to is my soccer uniform. I wore them almost for a10 years and I know it’s time to say “bye-bye” but I can’t do it. They’re just sitting on the bottom of my drawer… but that’s all I need! I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks!

  10. Hi Liz,
    What a great post! Enjoyed reading about your hard to let go of Asics shoes 🙂 I can relate! Sometimes it is just easier to buy something “new” in hopes that what you want to “save” will just somehow get out of your mind lol I have some items of clothing with that issue 😉 I do try to clean out my clothes twice a year but manage to hold onto a few items for whatever reason lol

    1. Joan, Goodwill and I are great friends, as I clean out my closet and wardrobe twice a year. I have decided that: 1)no one will take these shoes once I get rid of them, so I will have to find a place that recycles tennis shoes into playgrounds, and 2) these shoes still serve me well, so I will keep them until I HAVE to let them go. Thank you for stopping by, and have a cupcake kind of week! 🙂

  11. Hi Liz,
    This is a great post – it made me smile and nod. While my problem isn’t shoes, it’s cookbooks and self help books. My husband is not as supportive as yours – though he allows me to maintain! I agree – sometimes holding on is better than letting go – if it serves a positive purpose; like y our shoes.

    1. Tamara, thanks for stopping by! I agree; if something still serves you for the better (in this case, my destroyed shoes keep me working out), it is ok to hold on it a little longer. 🙂 glad you could relate and glad I gave you a smile! Have a cupcake week!

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