Hey, What Kind of Cupcake Are You, Anyway? (Practicing Our Mental Awareness)

Between advertisements and teachers of the Law of Attraction, people are telling us that we are, in one way or another, unhappy. Are we? With all the clutter and noise in our heads, what do we believe? The bigger question is this: how mentally aware are you, Cupcake?  Do you constantly cruise around in your head and monitor your thoughts, or do you let your thoughts monitor you?

Before I continue, let me be clear. I love the principles of the Law of Attraction. There is a certain logic to the fact that we create our own worlds. Think about it. Do you ever have a day that starts out badly, and just gets worse as your mind set turns into, “Why does this always happen to me?” Do you have a day where you wake up on the “right side of the bed,” and the day is all butterflies and cupcakes? Ever wonder why? Do you drift from day to day in an emotional waterslide, turning, falling, and eventually reaching the same destination as everyone else? If this is you, know three things.

  1. You are not acting as a mentally aware person.EEG
  1. You are not applying certain rules of the Law of Attraction.
  1. This is not your fault.

In today’s world, we are bombarded with useless information, inundated with advertisements on how to be better people.  According to Jay Walker-Smith, we are blasted with anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 advertisements a day. All of them tell us in some way that our lives are not complete; we are secretly woeful about something. How do we choose which advice to follow? How do we choose what to buy? How do we choose who we want to be, and then choose the company or person who is going to help us become our new version the quickest and easiest way?  It all depends on if we are mentally aware. We should be paying attention to our own thoughts and feelings as these advertisements entice us to spend money. The more mentally aware we are, the more we can defend ourselves against some of the unimportant junk we seem to invite into our lives.

The advertisements all have one theme in common: they give the message that you are not enough, and what you have is not enough. One commercial says if you drink a specific beverage, you will have more friends (you don’t have enough friends; you are lonely). Another claims that if you buy this shoe, you will be a better athlete (you are not talented enough to go far on your own). My favorite ads are the car commercials, promising excitement and wonderful travel excursions and sexy lovers, but only if you buy the right vehicle (you can’t make the right decision on your own, you boring dummy). Can you see a pattern here? Perfume, kitchen gadgets, name it: your life is just not good enough as it is. As Jacob Soki says about his own confusion, “Do I have everything—or nothing at all?”

                Now, add to this the fanfare over the Law of Attraction. The Secret created a big stir and a ton of interest in people (over 19 million copies sold in 46 languages, according to Wikipedia). Everyone was excited, but as people started to attempt to manifest improved lives, something strange happened to some of them. Some people had what Joshua Bloom called a “whiplash effect”: a few people had adverse reactions to their affirmations or mental visualizations, while other people had physical reactions such as headaches. If you read or listen to the more prominent people shown in The Secret, they will tell you that “there’s a little more to the Law of Attraction” than just thinking about what you want. Sorry to tell you, Cupcake, but you can’t just wish uporankopediajcricketn a star.

                So, what happened to cause this whiplash effect? According to Bloom and Andy Shaw (creator of A Bug Free Mind), the problem was easy to see, not easy to solve. If you experienced this effect, you did believe what you were thinking/wishing/wanting to manifest. At some deep level, you did not trust you were worthy of that which you desired. You did not truly believe that God, or the universe, or Source loved you infinitely and would manifest your new reality. As Dr. Wayne W. Dyer says, “As you think, so shall it be.” You may have said one thing, but your subconscious was thinking another.

And this is easy enough to see. In my case, I first “tried” to manifest a client increase of 20%. Within ten days, I had lost 20% of my clients. I was in shock.  What the ^&#*?! I emailed an expert, and I was told that I was blocking my own manifestation, and the universe was trying to tell me what I needed to fix before I could have what I wanted. And the kicker? They couldn’t help me solve my problem. I had to figure that out on my own.

To say it took “a while” would be an understatement. There was a definite learning curve, small successes and horrible black eyes of failures (I call them rehearsals) while I found my own mental awareness and learned how to find peace in my thoughts. If you look at some of the master teachers in this field–Lisa Nichols, Brendon Burchard, and Bob Proctor—they share similar stories. They had a low moment in life, they decided to do something about it, and they worked their tails off until they figured their own personal paths to manifestation. Nobody did it overnight.

We are all different, and all the same. We have been conditioned to feel unfulfilled or unhappy in life since we were young. Need more convincing? Check out my blog on shame, and see if some of the words I wrote resonate with you.  Each of us experience life, but we experience our lives in relation to our individual pasts, and our individual senses pick up different sensations. For this reason, nobody can tell you how to easily get rid of your mental junk and become a lean, clean, mentally aware cupcake. You have to do this part on your own. Think of it this way: the butterfly has to physically fight its way out of its cocoon. If you help it escape, it will die because its wings will be too weak to fly.

IMG_0112Maybe you’re a butterfly fighting your way out of your own cocoon.

                And this is why I am here. If you are a master of manifestation, I congratulate you and send extra sprinkles for frosting your way. You probably do not need this site. However, if you are someone who has tried the manifesting realm and you have not had the success that you deserved, I might be able to help. I can give you methods to change your brain patterns in small ways, and help you see where your inner thinking might be delaying your brain’s transformation to a more positive and productive manifesting person. It all starts with your mental awareness, and that is where I encourage you to start today.

Starting right now, monitor your thoughts. Pay attention without judgement. You do not need to do anything else. Usually the first several minutes that people practice mental awareness, they get a little fatigued. They also tend to judge themselves, so I encourage you to simply listen to your thoughts, and take note of them. If you can observe them without judgement, extra cupcake for you.

What did you notice about your thoughts? Did you feel anything when you were in a state of mental awareness? How long could you sustain your focus? I’d love for you to share in the comments below, and let me know how things are going. Your comments may help someone else with an “aha” moment, and that’s a karma boomerang in the making!

As always, have a great day, and stay frosted. Cupcake-Icing_Flower_2

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2 thoughts on “Hey, What Kind of Cupcake Are You, Anyway? (Practicing Our Mental Awareness)

  1. I always love reading your posts! It’s so very true that the underlying theme to almost everything we see or hear these days is “you aren’t good enough yet, buy this and you’ll be amazing”. It’s a subtle thing if you only see one isolated advert but when we have so many of them in every area of our day it’s impossible to tune them out or turn down the volume. Whilst we consciously say we aren’t looking or listening to them (because we believe we turned off our attention) our subconscious has other ideas… it’s trying to keep us safe by constantly checking our surroundings for danger. We can’t escape the inescapable.

    As for the exercise you set in this post, well, for me my thoughts right now are all about work. I’m in a ramp up phase with my business which means that most of the time I’m either thinking about it, working on it or talking about it… Love how your post was a gentle reminder that stepping away and having stillness increases my productivity and creativity ten-fold.

    1. Jane, this kind of goes back to what we talked about last week, eh, with your clients having problems thinking of positive traits for themselves. You and I are both mentally aware, but look at the problems we encounter as we go through our day (with our growing businesses and other obligations). That’s the reason for this blog: if it helps others see what they can do to overcome their negative “vibes” (or thoughts, or environment) and move into a happier mindset, then I’m doing my job! 🙂 Have a Cupcake weekend!

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