Welcome to Own Your Cupcake

Own Your Cupcake

Thank you for coming to the party! I am so very glad you’re here! Let’s celebrate your greatness!

Ownyourcupcake is here because everyone needs a little sugar in her life. Lately, the word cupcake has been associated with weakness. The phrase “Suck it up, cupcake!” is yelled when someone isn’t performing well or wants to quit an activity, and a person is called “cupcake” when she is perceived as lazy, weak, or just not up to someone else’s standards. Speaking as an avid lover of cupcakes (especially chocolate cake with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting–yummy!), I am here to inform you of three things:

  1. There are days when you need to be a cupcake, and that’s perfectly ok. Go for it with abandon. Bawl your eyes out until your head gets stuffy, your eyes puff up and you can’t see, and your nose is red enough to help Santa on Christmas Eve. You will feel better when you are completely drained, and then you will be ready to heal.
  2. There are days when you need to “suck it up.” Embrace your pain, and be stronger than you think you are; this is an opportunity to become a better you;
  3. There are days when you need to be strong enough to look in the mirror and learn the real the cause of your pain, which is the best cupcake ever. Why, you ask? It means you are ready to change a part of your life.

There is no judgement here to which kind of cupcake you are or which kind of cupcake you choose to be: there is only the desire to help you be the best cupcake under the sun. So, my dear reader: see your cupcake, be your cupcake, and own your cupcake! 🙂

Just like cupcakes, people have the same basic ingredients, but certain elements that make them different. As humans, we all feel emotions of fear, sadness, anger, and happiness; however, our separate backgrounds and experiences make us who we are. On this site, I’m going to give you a few tools to navigate life in an easier way as I help you regain a little control over the one thing in life that you should be able to: your greatness and happiness. I will share scenarios that most people have experienced or can relate to (being cut off in traffic, feeling rejected), and then I will give you two or three exercises to help banish the negativity that can become emotional baggage over time. Sometimes I will mention an author, a book, or a webpage. Do not panic! I am not selling anything (yet, ha!). This may be a resource that I have found helpful or a place where I found similar information. I am simply giving credit where credit is due. Of course, you are free to buy the book or visit the webpage, but do not feel obligated in any way to spend money.

Starting June 8, I will post blogs once a week, maybe more if I’m feeling spicy. The “breaks” are so you have time to try out my suggestions and actually put them into action. Gotta’ own your cupcake, remember?

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15 thoughts on “Welcome to Own Your Cupcake

  1. Congrats on starting your blog Liz! Love the idea of “owning your cupcake” and yes, I agree, all of us have something individual and unique about us. More people need to accept this and embrace that it is about shining our inner cupcake out into the world. About loving who we are and sharing that full out with the world. All the best as you move forward and encourage others to find their inner cupcake!

    1. Thank you, Beverly! I’m so excited to be here! My Digital and Electronic Text professor would be so proud of me! I hope my posts resonate with people who need a little mental boost every now and then. 🙂

  2. Huge congratulations on starting your blog. It’s a big scary, exhilarating ride! … and I love your idea of being a cupcake. I have decided today I am a red velvet one with vanilla frosting and loads and loads (and loads) of sparkly bits because everything is better with a bit of bling (even cupcakes).

    1. Thank you so much, Ingrid! Red Velvet is the perfect way to spend today, and the more glittery, the better! You should get them to add a piece of your favorite candy on top, for no other reason than you can! Enjoy your cupcake day, and thank you again! 🙂

  3. YAY! You made it…. welcome to the group and to being an entrepreneur… let us know if you need anything. BTW… I always say chin up buttercup… LOL And you have a great tie to the cupcake and each person and how we are different… that’s such a neat way.. and here I originally thought I was going to be ordering cupcakes from you! LOL

    1. Kristen, I know you were wanting cupcakes, but I promise lots of sweet stuff in other ways! Thank you so much for your support, today and in the future!

  4. I’ve always loved German chocolate cupcakes – they are very RICH & decadent! You can’t have more than one because of that…yummy! You are making me hungry Liz!

  5. This is awesome–good for you, Liz! As an individual constantly focusing on personal growth and healing, I deeply appreciate this inspirational endeavor! Very proud of and happy for you. ☺️

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