Control Your Dog, Cupcake!

5 Suggestions for Small Dog Owners

I am tired of people hating on big dogs. Of course, I am completely biased, as my smallest dog weighs 88 pounds (you can see their adorable faces on my about page). I understand that their teeth are big; I’ve brushed them. I know their paws are huge; I have wiped them a million times over before they are allowed in the house. I know they have the capability to harm others. However, they are big marshmallows, and I have something to say to all owners of aggressive small dogs: “Get control of your dog, Cupcake!”

Let’s all own our cupcake here, shall we? Any dog can harm another. For that matter, any animal with teeth and claws or any other means of self-defense can cause injury. It is our job as responsible owners to keep our dogs safe. It is also our job to keep others safe, as well.

Last night my malamute was attacked by a damn rat terrier. At one point, my lab went into kill mode as well, and I was forced to control two dogs that weighed a total of 250 pounds. My husband couldn’t help because he held our “injured” golden at a distance to keep the situation from getting worse. And as I pulled my malamute back, the freaking terrier came in and bit the back of my dog’s leg.

Several times.

And the owner just WALKED over to get her dog.

I won’t lie. I lost it. Especially since this is this is the second confrontation I have had with this dog. And I wasn’t really mad at the terrier (OK, I was a little mad), but  I was absolutely furious at the owner. Even though I was aware of this, I still lost my temper.

However, in the spirit of my blog site, I have decided not to go ballistic and all righteous. Instead, I have decided that it might be more productive if I give some constructive advice for small dog owners.

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5 Suggestions for Small Dog Owners

1.  All dogs have the capacity to bite, unless they do not have teeth. The size of the dog does not matter. All bites have the capacity to do harm; if your dog bites someone, it will be turned into animal services.

2.  It is absolutely NOT cute when your dog acts aggressively towards other dogs. If you truly want everyone to get along, you need to discipline this behavior, just as big dog owners have to curb their canines when they misbehave.

3.  If you allow your dog’s aggressive behavior to continue, please prepare yourself for the moment when you meet a dog that will retaliate. It is not a matter of “if” this will happen,  as people say; it is a matter of “when” this will happen.

4.  When your dog starts a confrontation, you actually intensify the situation when you pick your small dog up and hold it. You are giving it a dominant position over the other dog, and you are encouraging your dog’s behavior. Think of it this way: the small dog is like the kid hiding behind the teacher, sticking his tongue out as the other kid gets in trouble.

5.  Keep your dog on a leash when you are out in public. If you let your dog off leash in your front yard, and you know it is aggressive toward other dogs, you should be prepared for all kinds of bad things. Start saving your money now.


Since #4 may make some of you readers angry, let me use last night’s encounter for an example. When my dog was attacked, I had three choices:

1) I could have kicked or stomped on the terrier, which would have resulted in the terrier being injured. I chose not to because I did not want to hurt the dog, even though it was in full-attack mode. I also thought the dog’s owner would get her dog as soon as possible (I was wrong).

2) I could have released my leashes, and let my malamute and lab defend “the pack,” which would have resulted in the terrier’s death or serious injuries.

3) I could have called animal control on the terrier and owner. Since this was a repeat offense, this would have resulted in a ticket for the owner, or maybe even euthanasia of the terrier if there had been multiple complaints from other neighbors.


All pet owners love their pets, and none of us want to see our pet or another pet injured. We are each responsible for our pet’s safety, and we should honor our responsibilities. The owner did not apologize to me that night (not even after I informed her that if I found “so much as one (beeping) drop of blood on my dog,” she would “be paying every (beeping) penny for the vet bill.” Maybe she is embarrassed. Maybe she is in denial. Maybe she is secretly plotting another attack on my dogs. My attempt at creating peace comes in the form of this blog, since I just cannot seem to bring myself to bake her cupcakes.

So, what advice would you give to small dog owners that would help keep the peace with big dogs and their owners? Feel free to share, as you are providing a service to others reading this blog and giving yourself a karmic boomerang.

http://ownyourcupcake.comAs always, let me know how it’s going, and stay frosted!

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9 thoughts on “Control Your Dog, Cupcake!

    1. Mike, I completely agree, but I thought I would try to be fair, lol. Most dog owners agree that there is no such thing as a bad dog, because it comes down to the owner. I just think some owners do not realize their dogs can still do damage. Thanks for your comment, and have a cupcake week!

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I always ask the owner if their dog “wants to make friends”. On the last occasion when the owner said, “yes” a nasty little chihuahua bared it teeth and yapped its head off – then she picked it up!
    Note to all owners of yappy dogs: never pick them up. Teach them NOT to behave that way.

    1. Jane, sometimes I run into people who think it’s “adorable” and actually coo to their dog when it’s going maniacal in their arms. I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, because my site is about non-judgment and happiness. I know I would be happier if people trained their small dogs to act how they expect big dogs to act. Thanks for your comment, and have a cupcake kind of week!

  2. Even your drama brings a smile to me face! Thank you for sharing.

    My sister-in-law had a yip-yip. We took a vote, a house vote, and the answer was no, the dog had to be big enough so the other dogs wouldn’t kill it.

    She bought the dog.

    Is this a potential post? LOL.

    1. Trenna, it is absolutely a potential post. Especially since y’all voted against it. Dog antics, family reactions and allies that formed; you could probably get a week’s worth, lol.

    1. Julia, thank you for making that analogy! I wanted to mention this being like parenthood, but since I am not a parent, I thought it might come across as arrogant. So, thank you again for making the connection: maybe it will help someone understand better. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, and have a cupcake kind of week!

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