Bad Toro is no Cupcake, Cupcake!

Http://ownyourcupcake.comThis is my wonderful black lab, El Toro. Most of the time, he is just like any other Labrador Retriever: kind, loving, eager to please, eager to play, and happy just to be doing something with me.  Lately, however, things have changed. My wonderful Toro is turning into a bad Toro, and this bad Toro is no Cupcake. 

When I try to look back and figure out what could have caused these changes, I find a multitude of problems. When the weather turned http://ownyourcupcake.comfrom hot to hellishly hot, we started walking them once a day (actually, at night) instead of twice. At first, Toro was ok. He enjoyed the lazy afternoons with me in the sun.

When our Golden Retriever had surgery, she started to get around-the-clock attention, and Toro’s fetch time and play time was cut so we wouldn’t get Cheyenne too excited. My husband took the other dogs for a car ride (to the vet for shots, but dogs do not understand this), and left Toro home, alone and abandoned. Then I committed the ultimate sin: I went back to college again. He must not have received the memo that the summer was a “holiday” for me to work on my blog. Or maybe he did; he just ate it. Either way, I crossed a line.
just a few of the toys left for me to trip over

Now, as soon as I get home, pillows are tossed to the floor, toys are brought out of the toy-box and decimated. He has taken to sleeping in a chair that used to be mine, and glares at me from across the room. When I go over to love on him and get him to make up, he gives me the cold shoulder. Yes, I would say he’s angry with me.

Treats are not enough. Affection is not enough. Want to know what makes him happy?
No, Mom, I’m mad at you!

A walk with just the two of us. With him off leash. When we live in a neighborhood where it’s against the law to walk a dog without a leash. Because he really doesn’t care about anyone else right now. This is all about him.
Bad Toro! courtesy of

But I’m getting tired of bad Toro. I want my darling boy back. I start teaching and taking classes next week, and I’m still on the tennis courts on weekends. He’s going to be really ticked when he realizes it’s just him, the other dogs, and Dad for fourteen hours on Wednesdays. And like I said, Toro is no cupcake.

Maybe I’ll take him out tonight. Just me and him.

And I’ll think about the whole leash thing.  After all, I have neighbors who have no problem ignoring the leash law.

 I think I may be the cupcake here.

deviltoroBecause, hey, I miss my Toro. And really, when you think about it, aren’t there too many rabbits in the word? Maybe we’ll keep the horns at home.  Just so I can get a wagging tail. After all, people say true love is forgiveness. I can handle that. Click To Tweet


Anyone out there who shares my pain? Let me know, and let me know how you deal with it!

As always, let me know how it’s going, and stay frosted! I’m off for some Toro time!

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    1. Mike, they sure have similar traits sometimes! Thanks for stopping by, and have a cupcake kind of week! 🙂

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