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My Good Shoes Gone Bad, Cupcake!

http://ownyourcupcake.comeI don’t know what was worse this week; the fact that I entered my very first class as a GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistant) after all my darling freshmen were in their chairs, or the fact that my shoes gave me blisters this week. I think it’s the shoes. They are mad at me, and they have chosen this week for revenge. My good shoes have gone bad. And it’s really not my fault.

If you knew my weight gain story or my history as a teen, you would understand that I have several pairs of shoes for each occasion. My teaching shoes are no different; these are the shoes that are comfortable, have very low heels, and sometimes they even border on “cute.” They are all neutral colors, like black, brown, and “natural,” so they match with everything, and they are very practical. Other teachers will understand this. I also have some purple and cranberry, because sometimes I don’t want to dress neutral or practical. Continue reading My Good Shoes Gone Bad, Cupcake!

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No Need To Worry, Cupcake (6 Stress Less Strategies)

http://ownyourcupcake.comMost humans spend a lot of their time worrying. We worry about the future, about the past. We worry about our physical looks, our diets, our schedules, our families. We worry about serious things such as our health or loved ones. We worry about less serious things such as matching socks, or which toothpaste will make our teeth look the whitest. And society is only more than happy to help remind us that if we are not worried, we should be. Most of the time, there is no need to worry, Cupcake. In fact, unnecessary stress may impede the success or take the  joy out of simply living your life. Continue reading No Need To Worry, Cupcake (6 Stress Less Strategies)

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Bad Toro is no Cupcake, Cupcake!

Http://ownyourcupcake.comThis is my wonderful black lab, El Toro. Most of the time, he is just like any other Labrador Retriever: kind, loving, eager to please, eager to play, and happy just to be doing something with me.  Lately, however, things have changed. My wonderful Toro is turning into a bad Toro, and this bad Toro is no Cupcake.  Continue reading Bad Toro is no Cupcake, Cupcake!

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A Letter to My Teenaged Self

Getting Real – with my Teenaged Self

Hey, Chica! What’s up? I struggle with what to tell you, because I know you will do one of two things with the information. You will either go right at it, and forget everything else, or you will completely ignore it, and go a different route (and while I am very interested to see how you would turn out if you ignored me, I would not be this person today, and hey, you’re kind of awesome.) So, in the spirit of science fiction and “The Sound of Thunder,” I will try not to step on any butterflies. Continue reading A Letter to My Teenaged Self

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Control Your Dog, Cupcake!

5 Suggestions for Small Dog Owners

I am tired of people hating on big dogs. Of course, I am completely biased, as my smallest dog weighs 88 pounds (you can see their adorable faces on my about page). I understand that their teeth are big; I’ve brushed them. I know their paws are huge; I have wiped them a million times over before they are allowed in the house. I know they have the capability to harm others. However, they are big marshmallows, and I have something to say to all owners of aggressive small dogs: “Get control of your dog, Cupcake!” Continue reading Control Your Dog, Cupcake!

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Don’t Panic, Cupcake! (Technology STINKS)
Ok, so in the spirit of blogging every day, I am channeling my friend Sabine, and writing from my iPhone. I need to relax and be calm. “Don’t panic, Cupcake.” I tell myself this as, of course, I panic. Why?
Because I have a nasty worm virus on my laptop. If this isn’t bad enough, since my computers are all linked to each other, they are ALL INFECTED! So, to make a long story longer, I have given my favorite laptop to the Geek Squad from Best Buy.

I am trying not to panic. What can go wrong?

Well, for starters, they can put my computer back at factory settings, in which case all my research files will be lost. All my images will be lost, as well.

They can put another program in my system and steal information from me.

They could lose my computer, or break it (not that this would be bad, but again, nothing is backed up on a USB drive).

So, is this a Law of Attraction problem, or just simple Liz paranoia? Will my computer be ok? Will my blogs be ok? Will my pictures be ok? Will they plagiarize some of my papers that are currently under review in academic magazines?

And hey, I’ve backed up my files on the other computers, which are also out of current commission. Some papers are on flash drives, but not all. Don’t judge: you should know by now computers and I are not BFFs.

Ugh! And I hate the waiting game! How long will it take? They said it was a relatively simple problem once they identified the worm, but they haven’t called me. Was it worse than they expected? Did they do something wrong? If I haven’t heard from them when I get off work, should I call them and ask how my baby is doing?

Or should I relax? Breathe deeply, and trust that everything will be ohhh…kayyyy. Since I am not a billionaire, and I am a relatively boring person–seriously, only other academics would pilfer an academic’s work–I think I should just let the techs do their awesome magic and play the waiting game.

And since I am exhausted, I should just go to bed, and tomorrow figure out a way to post a picture from my media page 🙂 ok. Got it. All over calm. Right now I am the epitome of calm. Don’t panic, Cupcake. It’ll be fine.

Check on me tomorrow.

Ok, Cupcake, time to share and care. What sends you into panic mode?

Let me know how it’s going, and stay frosted!

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To Create or To Destroy: That is the Question, Cupcake

This is going to be a short post, for me, at least. It may seem more like a rant to you. At the end of the day, we have but one question to ask ourselves. To create or to not create; that is the question, Cupcake. Continue reading To Create or To Destroy: That is the Question, Cupcake

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Cupcake, is murder still illegal? (Someone may be in trouble)

illegalmurderMy husband may not be safe. We have had a few spats here and there–what married couple hasn’t?–but this time, he may have gone too far. So, with all the violence that has gone unchecked due to the absence of accountability, I’m wondering: if I have a great excuse, Cupcake, is murder still illegal?  Continue reading Cupcake, is murder still illegal? (Someone may be in trouble)

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Hey, Cupcake, Stop Comparing Yourself to Apples and Oranges (or Others)

Have you ever noticed how in today’s society, we rarely celebrate the person who comes in second place? We see this most obviously in sporting events. In sports, the winners are treated like war heroes, and the losers are lucky to get five minutes on the screen (and they are usually on the blooper highlights).  The announcers may interview the loser first, but the main focus is on the winner (who gets a much bigger check and a much bigger endorsement). And be honest: the only people who remember  finalists are parents and the fans who keep up with stats better than their checking accounts. Do we ever hear people screaming, “We’re Number Two!” at games? Does anyone wave a foam finger showing a peace sign instead of a solitary finger? Um, no.  Continue reading Hey, Cupcake, Stop Comparing Yourself to Apples and Oranges (or Others)

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You Can’t Just WISH Upon a Star, Cupcake! (A Common Misconception of the Law of Attraction) (A COMMON MISCONCEPTION WITH THE LAW OF ATTRACTION)

When I moved to Texas, I loudly proclaimed that I wished I was back home. Amn vbny old geezer told me, “Wish in one hand and spit in the other, dawlin, and tell me which hand fills up faster.” At the wise age of ten, I thought this idea totally disgusting, and the ancient man completely out of his mind. Why in heaven’s name would I spit in my hand? His point, of course, was that simply wishing for something was “nonsense.” We humans are neither Pinocchio nor Papa Geppetto. I find that this theory seems to lead to a common misconception with the Law of Attraction, as well. People tend to wish for something, and then they become angry or confused when the wish is not fulfilled. There is more to fulfilling a dream than a simple wish. You actually do have to spit, and then rub your hands together. Continue reading You Can’t Just WISH Upon a Star, Cupcake! (A Common Misconception of the Law of Attraction)

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