I believe that we are all here to serve a purpose and make the world a better place.  My purpose is to help you see things in a more positive light. Come visit whenever you are having a bad day, a bad moment, or you just need a quick reminder of how wonderful you truly are. Say hello!


Professional stuff:

I taught 6-12 English in the public school system for 17 years. During that time, I coached a total of 6 sports (I was head coach of all but one): Cross-Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Softball, and Tennis. I have coached Tennis in the private sector since 2007.

I became a New Jersey Writing Project of Texas (now called Abydos) Trainer, an organization that teaches teachers how to teach writing in more meaningful and engaging ways.

I will finish my MA in May 2016, and I will be teaching First Year Comp at TWU in Denton, TX, in August of 2015.

Through my journey, I have had to deal with challenging people and turn them into allies. I now can share some of my strategies with you.

Not-so professional stuff:

I have been in 10 car accidents, and ha! NONE of them were my fault. Zero broken bones total. However, my pupils are now permanently two different sizes, which freaks people out if they stare at me too long. (People staring at me for too long freaks me out, too, so I consider us even.)

When I traveled to Okinawa and Tokyo, Japan, I learned that God and like-minded people are truly everywhere.

I have been called a hippie Christian, and I am completely OK with that. Love God? Check. Meditate? Check. Tree hugger? Absolutely.

I diligently (my husband Dave would call it obsessively) search out awesome cupcakes, especially in towns I visit. If you have a favorite place and you feel like sharing some love, send me a line or a tweet!

Bad habits? What, are you kidding me? This site is for celebrating ourselves! My chocoholic-ism is NOT a bad habit! Nor is my love affair with Dr. Pepper.

Yes, all three dogs are mine. From left to right, you are looking at Toro, Mischief, and Cheyenne. Their tongues are really that big, and so are their paws.

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