A Letter to My Teenaged Self

Getting Real – with my Teenaged Self

Hey, Chica! What’s up? I struggle with what to tell you, because I know you will do one of two things with the information. You will either go right at it, and forget everything else, or you will completely ignore it, and go a different route (and while I am very interested to see how you would turn out if you ignored me, I would not be this person today, and hey, you’re kind of awesome.) So, in the spirit of science fiction and “The Sound of Thunder,” I will try not to step on any butterflies.

There are three pieces of advice I feel confident giving you.

1). Stay in school. Go ahead and get your Master’s degree ( and PhD if you feel like it at 23). Just trust me–yourself–more than your adopted parents. You’re going to get it anyway, so do it while you’re still young and free and have the chance to go wherever you want.

2) If someone makes you feel bad for being yourself, get out of his or her reach. If you can’t leave, then remember this is just a temporary setting, but your soul is forever.How does God see you (yes, He does)? If you think He is pleased or proud, you are on the right path, no matter what someone else may tell you.

3) Know that you turn out OK, kiddo. You return to love, and you get to do things other people only imagine. You help others. You may be betrayed, you may get tired of “fighting the good fight,” and you may have your heart broken a few times, but the world is better because you are in it. Don’t you ever forget that.

So, dawlin, hang in there. Hang around people who you trust. And enjoy your life. You only get this one once before you move on, so do the best you can with it, ok?

And remember you’re an awesome ripple, baby!


Love always,

An older, wiser and just as goofy and air-headed YOU

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