Hey, Friend, Can you Help a Cupcake out?


Hello, my darling readers and friends. Do you have time to help a Cupcake out? I kind of need it.

First of all, let me say, Happy Chinese New Year! Yeah! The year of the Fire Monkey! I should be celebrating, since this means new beginnings, letting go of old things that no longer serve me, and wonderful life opportunities.

So, why am I so depressed? I mean, as if I am in mourning.

I have been struggling with a fibular stress fracture, which killed my “real” workouts for more than two months. I finally walked one mile today without pain. This was a huge accomplishment, but my heart still felt heavy and sad. This is not self-pity or guilt over something. I just can’t shake the feeling that something is missing from me. I am forgetting something. I am mourning a loss of something that I do not know I have lost (or that has died within me).

When I did some internal work last week, I received the message that I am due to have a major mental shift. A friend of mine said the message she kept seeing for me was a phoenix in flames, which really sounds kind of cool and somewhat terrifying to me. I will not bore you with details, but now I am having an intense crisis of … something.

I have asked myself the “proper” questions when on such a quest. Dr. Wayne Dyer says the last thing on your mind is usually the reality you create. I have asked progressive questions so I could gain answers before I wake up in the mornings. I have asked for guidance. I have tried to go deeper into myself. Nothing. Nada. Zip. My mind and heart are just blurry non- information givers.

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Most of the time, I’m good about relaxing and just waiting for answers to appear. However, I have been waiting for a while. This, of course, has prompted my perfectly mature and rational reaction of, “Why the heck am I so exhausted and without answers?”  I can usually be patient, but let’s be honest here: When the phoenix renews itself, it goes up in flames, and then it emerges from the ashes. I would really like something like Tony Robbin’s walk of fire or something to prepare me for the path I do not see yet. I love what Michael Bernard Beckwith says about finding things to celebrate, and to just be in the moment. I am excited. Buuuuut…I would be lying if I did not admit that I wish I knew what I need to do! I cannot even imagine the changes I am in for. What will I do? How will I change? Do I still get to keep my cute shoe collection? Ashes are metaphorical, right?



Today, I did have two moments of celebration: I found a shiny nickel on my walk today, and I walked one mile without crutches, a boot, or a brace of any kind. Yay!

Most of the time, I am great at keeping up my emotions and battling through things. Today, I trust that my vulnerability will be met with the love that I usually show for others. Click To Tweet


Please help! A Cupcake in need…

So, my darlings, I need some help. I know most of you are so much better than I am at giving advice on this level, so fire away, Cupcakes! Tell me what you do when you go into such moments of confusion or unknown sorrow, so I can try them out. Think of the awesome karmic boomerang we’re putting out right now; I am giving you the opportunity to show your strengths and help a sister in need, and you are absolutely rocking the love!



Thank you in advance, Cupcake!  As always, stay frosted!

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20 thoughts on “Hey, Friend, Can you Help a Cupcake out?

  1. Oh, Cupcake, what a journey you’re on!! So glad you’re giving yourself space to figure things out / work through whatever it is that’s happening. And it seems you’re at a really wonderful (though also frustrating) point where you’re waiting for answers to appear. I suspect, though, that you’ll be one happy Cupcake when your actions lead you to your path. In the meantime, congrats to you for walking w/o boot or crutches – enjoy those milestones!

  2. Stop searching, thinking about it and worrying. Do something so different from your usual thing & just be open. When the time is right, it will appear. I know- a bit of a switch from the actual saying- but it is true. At any time clarity insight, an aha moment can show up. Just let it be.

    1. Roz,
      Thank you. Do you know that you sound like a mother, even on the computer? lol. You are amazing, Cupcake. 🙂 Hug

  3. Awww cupcake I had no idea… sorry about the foot, wtf is wrong with you! lol Sorry about your internal struggle too, that sucks. I have that too, often… good and bad. I drink diet soda or margaritas when I need a pep and well, if you don’t like soda or ritas (gasps) then maybe go out with some girl friends… read a book or damnit, just focus on the great things in your life. Something will come out of it. Hugs you… hope things turn around asap!

    1. Kristen,
      Who ever said I did not like the ritas? lol I know something good is on the other side, I just wish I knew what it was. 🙂 Thanks for the focus, Cupcake!

  4. Oh Cupcake, I have been there! Nothing like an injury to set you on the sidelines. It temporarily – key word to note – changes your body and your schedule, which are a large part of your identity. All without your permission. But do not accept defeat! You walked a pain-free mile today! That’s an amazing first step. (Literally, in your case.) I think what helped me most when I’ve had an injury is when I really did stop fighting the truth of it. Instead, I envisioned my body healing and incorporated new supplements. I researched fun exercises I would do when I got all healed up. I picked out a fresh pair of sneakers and a top I was going to christen on the day of my triumphant return. You will heal. It’s cocoon time for you. But if you rest your body and mind, you’re going to come out a butterfly on the other side of it.

  5. first of all, on the physical side of this, so sorry you’ve been dealing with that!! I broke my foot in 2 places once and was in a boot for 3 months & no cardio for almost a year. Torture!!! That will get better just listen to your body. I’m wondering if part of being stuck isn’t connected to your inability to “move”. When we aren’t physically active it creates tension in the body and that tension can then turn into mental tension… maybe?? I do like Roslyn’s advice to let it go, the answer will come to you. Do you know I get some of my best ideas in the middle of taking a shower!?!

    1. Lisa,
      I always get the best ideas when I relax completely, which is usually in the shower or tub, lol, so thank you for making me smile. I got word yesterday that I am still out of commission (not even swimming) for two more weeks, so grrrr. So, I will be singing “Let it go” in horrible off-key, remembering that you were in a boot for three months, lol. Thank you!

  6. I feel you, Liz. I have also been a quest and looking for answers and yet I know, that often when we just live in the question, when we allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling…somehow we come through the other side clearer and with a deeper understanding. Of something.

    Our timing and Divine timing do not always sync up harmoniously. I know you already know this and my suggestion is to trust it and be with it and see what it has to teach you. Also what one thing are you passionate about that you may not have been doing or including in your life lately? For me, I realized watching an amazing video of one of James Taylor’s songs done by two Acapella groups, that I was really missing music in my life. So I began to connect with fellow music people to find someone to begin writing songs with again. Having your physical body thrown off as you described, also leads to other imbalances in the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of our being. What are you doing to nurture yourself and to make sure you are as healthy as you can be (on all levels of your being) as you move through this questioning phase? If all else fails call a friend and see what objective perspective they have to offer. That’s me volunteering. 🙂

    1. Beverley,
      You’re the bomb, Cupcake! Thank you so much for the suggestions, and the volunteering, lol. I may take you up on that. Stay safe, get some more music in you, and have a cupcake kind of week!

  7. Liz, I am reminded of a quote from a beloved teacher of mine, “The greatest cargoes of life come in over quiet seas.” In other words, we need to become quiet within ourselves in order to receive what we are expecting. I suspect that the whole “phoenix rising from the ashes” thing has you a bit shaken. I recommend you look at it as a metaphor rather than a literal event and stay focused on what you know to do. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have an answer beyond that. It will come. Just do what you already know you should be doing. Answers usually come suddenly and many times, very quietly. Right now, let patience rule. Let your inner spirit be calm. I am praying for you.

    1. Carol,
      Thank you so much for the reminder and the prayers! There is much power in both, and knowing what you are going through right now, I am doubly grateful for your thoughts! :-)Hope you have a cupcake kind of weekend and week!

  8. Hi Liz 🙂
    I can totally relate and I feel for you girl! Well, the only advice that I can offer is what I do and that is to work on changing my mindset (daily, yes daily) and exercise. (helps me so much to stay calm)

    Believe that you can do anything 🙂 Have you ever created a dream board? I have one on my fridge and it helps to remind me daily of what my goals are 🙂

    1. Joan,
      I have a vision board that gets adjusted constantly, because hey, I either manifest or change my mind, lol. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas, Cupcake!

  9. I admire and appreciate your transparency. I can almost sympathize with your frustrations and I love working out and was siding for 6 weeks due to a knee injury. I could not run or do any lower body exercises. I heal from that injury and now I am dealing with a form of tendonitis in the wrist of my dominant hand. It is frustrating, discouraging and I’ve found myself saying “I’m too busy for this! ” Oftentimes this is GOD’S way of slowing us down when we refuse to listen to our bodies. Take the time your body needs to heal, surround yourself with positivity and come back stronger than ever.

  10. Sorry to hear that. Well I always try to do things that make me feel good, surround myself with people who are calm and positive, and to get out and do some fun things. Often thinking to much about things makes us get stuck, so it is better to go out do things you likem clear your head and the answers normally come then after a while.

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