Monthly Archives: November 2015

To: France and Loved Ones

I had another post prepared for today. Then ISIS attacked Paris, France. My blog seems so much smaller than normal. My words do not seem big enough, deep enough, or strong enough to ease the trauma that is becoming more of a constant happening along with terror. Continue reading To: France and Loved Ones

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Just Accept it, Cupcake

Early last summer, I visited a college mentor who offered to help me with my website and computer illiteracy. She had helped me start on this whole blog road, despite my terror of joining forces with computers and the looming danger of SkyNet. As a token of my appreciation, I brought her a small crystal bracelet from one of my favorite stores. Later that evening, she thanked me and wrote, “It’s just what I needed, but you are too generous!”

This seems like a normal, everyday “thank you” moment. On the surface,  this is a grateful and humble statement. In reality, this moment actually lowers both of our cellular vibrations and repels other good things from coming our ways. Why? In a nutshell, we are deflecting the good vibes that have been intended for us. We are not really accepting our gifts from others. We do not practice the art of receiving. Continue reading Just Accept it, Cupcake

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