Take Two Pills and Call Me, Cupcake (We all have PTSD)

We all have PTSD


In light of the past few years, as I watch people in my grocery store avoid eye contact, or road rage incidents escalate, I know that we all have some sort of PTSD. This is not a simple headache or toothache. We cannot just “take two pills” and feel cured. And this problem is going to take more than one phone call.  Continue reading Take Two Pills and Call Me, Cupcake (We all have PTSD)

Stop Holding that Grudge, Cupcake (3 ways to forgive)


5 Signs you still hold a grudge, and 3 ways to release your pain and forgive

Let me know if this has ever happened to you. You go out with friends, and you see someone who betrayed you in the past. It could have happened several years ago, or it could have happened last month. While you thought you made your peace with the situation, you see or hear something small and insignificant—she tosses her head, or she laughs—and all hell breaks loose in your body. A knot forms in your stomach, your pulse quickens, and your blood pressure increases. You say something you hope sounds pleasant as she toward you, and then you escape. You find yourself in the bathroom counting to 100 or outside on the patio meditating. Maybe you find yourself in front of the bar, asking for a bowl-sized margarita.  And as you ask for extra salt or continue your count, you realize that you are still holding that grudge, Cupcake.  Continue reading Stop Holding that Grudge, Cupcake (3 ways to forgive)

How to Survive the Cupcake–no, the ZOMBIE–APOCALYPSE


I had a very long post for today, but I decided that in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, people would be so busy helping others that I needed to keep things short and sweet. So, I decided that I would give you six things you can do to survive the Cupcake—I mean, the Zombie–Apocalypse.   Continue reading How to Survive the Cupcake–no, the ZOMBIE–APOCALYPSE

Because of your engendered position, Cupcake


Hi, Cupcake! I have missed you! It’s been so long, and I’m so glad you’re here! I have been working in the world of academe, teaching First Year Composition I, as well as finishing my MA. I had a situation, so I went in to get advice from one of program’s chairpeople. During our conversation, she told me, “You’re in the unique situation that you’re engendered, so you are probably likely to only hear the unusual.” And of course, my witty response was, “Huh?” as I mentally asked myself,” What the heck is an engendered position, Cupcake?” Continue reading Because of your engendered position, Cupcake

Hey, Friend, Can you Help a Cupcake out?


Hello, my darling readers and friends. Do you have time to help a Cupcake out? I kind of need it.

First of all, let me say, Happy Chinese New Year! Yeah! The year of the Fire Monkey! I should be celebrating, since this means new beginnings, letting go of old things that no longer serve me, and wonderful life opportunities. Continue reading Hey, Friend, Can you Help a Cupcake out?

Who’s In Charge Here, Cupcake? (Ego Versus Soul)


5 Ways to Tell if Ego or Soul is Directing You

So, Happy New Year to you, your ego and your soul! The New Year Resolution Game came and went. Several people made great resolutions; most have already dropped them. Some have bravely continued on their quest to do something that seems important, meaningful things…according to their egos.

And some already know the truth: only by knowing (and honoring) our soul’s true intention can we improve our lives in meaningful and lasting ways. Click To Tweet Continue reading Who’s In Charge Here, Cupcake? (Ego Versus Soul)

I’m Jonesin’ for you, Cupcake! Stop being Jealous


How to Stop Jonesin’ and Deal with Jealousy During the Holidays

What is Jonesin’?

When I was a young penniless college student, my best friend and I would drive in affluent neighborhoods during Christmas time and look at the decorations adorning magnificent homes and expansive yards. Sometimes there would be parties with valets, and luxury cars would add to the glowing lights and dreamy appeal. We would “ooh” and “ahh” and admire the things we didn’t have, and when we saw something we really liked, we would point and make the comment, “I’m Jonesin’ for that.” It was our way of acknowledging the abundance of others as we admitted our lack and our desire to be and keep up with the” Joneses” in a wealthy world in which we did not belong. We were dreamy-eyed and inspired by our jealousy to create more. We wanted those worlds. Continue reading I’m Jonesin’ for you, Cupcake! Stop being Jealous

To: France and Loved Ones


I had another post prepared for today. Then ISIS attacked Paris, France. My blog seems so much smaller than normal. My words do not seem big enough, deep enough, or strong enough to ease the trauma that is becoming more of a constant happening along with terror. Continue reading To: France and Loved Ones

Just Accept it, Cupcake


Early last summer, I visited a college mentor who offered to help me with my website and computer illiteracy. She had helped me start on this whole blog road, despite my terror of joining forces with computers and the looming danger of SkyNet. As a token of my appreciation, I brought her a small crystal bracelet from one of my favorite stores. Later that evening, she thanked me and wrote, “It’s just what I needed, but you are too generous!”

This seems like a normal, everyday “thank you” moment. On the surface,  this is a grateful and humble statement. In reality, this moment actually lowers both of our cellular vibrations and repels other good things from coming our ways. Why? In a nutshell, we are deflecting the good vibes that have been intended for us. We are not really accepting our gifts from others. We do not practice the art of receiving. Continue reading Just Accept it, Cupcake

How to be Amazing

Hellooooo! It’s been so long, I know!  Now, I’m sure most of you are thinking that I have been gallivanting around the countryside, sipping great wine and having wonderful adventures followed by great bubble baths and delicious cupcakes. You thought I was being amazing. That’s partly true. Continue reading How to be Amazing